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Kwik Stage Ledgers

Our Ledgers Type -2 are made from tube with a cast wedge-fixing device at each ends.
Ledgers is horizontal member of the scaffold system also known as guard rails are made from 48.3 OD X 3.2 mm 2.5mm / 2.4mm tubes. Ledgers fit into the upper ā€œVā€ Pressings on the standards.
The Ledgers used in general support of framework, carefully selected range of sizes to meet the varied demands of grids system framework. Many of these can also be used for access structure. Each has forged blade ends with the minimum projection to resist site damage.  

The Ledgers C type ends which fit in the Vertical ā€œvā€.

Finish of Scaffolding available are:

  • Galvanized
  • Painted

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